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The Camps

The Three Paekakariki Marines Camps and Porirua Camps

Between them the three Paekakariki Marines camps housed almost 15,000 men. Another 7982 men were stationed in neighbouring camps in Judgeford (3,800), Pauatahanui (2,000), Titahi Bay (1,500), Plimmerton (482) and at Paraparaumu Airport (200). The accommodation in the camps covered a total floor area of 2,083,633 square feet including 2728 buildings, 1,590 huts, and 3401 tents.

Camp Paekakariki (Paekakariki)

Camp Paekakariki was the largest camp and housed 5,200 men from the 8th Marine Regiment of the 2nd Marine Division. It covered a significant area of Paekakariki Village, east of Wellington road between Queen Elizabeth Park and Tarawa Street. Prior to the Marines 'occupation the land was the site of the Paekakariki Golf Links. Read More. 

Camp Mackay (Whareroa Farm)

Camp Mackay housed 4,650 men and was built on the flat plateau, south of the current entrance to Whareroa Farm. This camp was home to men from the 5th Marine Regiment of the 1st Marine Division and the 6th Marine Regiment of the 2nd Marine Division. Read More.

Camp Russell (Queen Elizabeth Park

Camp Russellhoused 4,850 men in 112 tent decks and a number of officer’s quarters. This camp was home to men from the 5th Mrine Regiment of the 1st Marines Division and the 6th Marine Regiment of the 2nd Marine Division. It had two recreation areas, a medical centre, and a number of cook houses, stores, ablution blocks and laundries. Read More.

Porirua Camps

Porirua was home to almost 8,000 United States Marines during World War II. Titahi Bay Camp had 1500 men, Pauatahanui Camp (located on Motokaraka Point) had more than 2000 men, the three camps in the Judgeford area (Judgeford, Moonshine and Haywards) had between 2400 and 3800 stationed there, and Paremata (located on Ngatitoa Domain) accommodated 482. The latter was also used as a supply depot. Read More.

Marines Camp Maps

The original maps for the camps were drawn up in 1942 by the Ministry of Works in collaboration with the then Defence Department. The originals are now in the Kapiti Coast District Council archives. Read More.

The Camps

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