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Former Marine Richard Tracy, 93, returned to New Zealand last weekend to

resume an engagement with Snells Beach resident Norma Milford, 89, that

he broke off while fighting in the Pacific in 1943.  Read more

Dick Tracey and Norma Milford

Sweethearts Dick Tracey & Norma Milford & their familes in Whareroa Farm, with John Porter and Anne Evans from the Guardians of Whareroa Farm. 


Paraparaumu woman Diana Sawrey (88), who has recently donated a field notebook, recording the graphic experiences a Marine fighting in Guadalcanal, Tongatapu and Tulagi during World War 11, to the Trust is keen to connect with his family in America.

The book, hand-written by Jim Wallace who served in the 2nd Marines, provides a rare first-hand account of the very grim life and conditions of a Marine during the Pacific War. Read more

Jim Wallace

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