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 The Gilbert Islands in World War Two. By Peter McQuarrie





 Home: Civilian New Zealanders Remember the Second World War. By Alison Parr





 A String of Pearls: Stories from US Marines and New Zealand Women Remembering WWII. By Joan Ellis





 Follow Me Back in Time: Memories of WWII in New Zealand 1942 - 1943. By Joan Ellis





 Meet New Zealand Guide. Produced by the Historical Branch of the Dept of Internal Affairs, Sept 1942 for the US Servicemen stationed in NZ during WWII.






 The Yanks are Coming: The American Invasion of New Zealand, 1942 - 1944. By Harry Bioletti





 Brief Encounter: American Forces and the New Zealand People 1942 - 1945: An Illustrated Essay. By Jock Phillips, with Ellen Ellis





In View of Kapiti: Earliest Days to the late 1970s. By Barbara Macmorran





My Marine. By Phyllis Johnston; Illustrations by Julia Crouth. Junior Fiction Book




A Long Way From Home: The Diary of Lillian Glenmore, Warworth, 1943. My Story Series.





 Battle Cry. By Leon Uris





United States Forces in New Zealand: 1942 - 1945. By Bevan Denys


Pilgrimage of Memories to New Zealand, February 7 - 22, 1963. Second Marine Division Association


Pilgrimage to New Zealand, February 1968. Second Marine Division Association


The Friendly Invasion of New Zealand by American Armed Forces, June 1942 - October 1944. Commemorative booklet. Researched and compiled by June and Jack Hinton.






War Art

Dean Cornwell, Have a 'Coke' - Kia Ora, 1943

This image belongs to Archives NZ, to view original please click here.

Click here for biographical information and a few illustrations by Dean Cornwell


In the Pacific from Points Unknown: One Marine's Journey in WWII with Art, Photos and Letters by P.G. Navarro and Mark A. Navarro


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